Nothern Nigerian Women In Peacebuilding

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UNWomen has been working in close collaboration with the EU and other international organisations to engage women in the peace process across Northern Nigeria. 


We were awarded a UNWomen’s project to film, edit, and produce a 30 minute documentary on women’s peace and security in Northern Nigeria.



The key was to investigate and show the level of implementation of the 1325 resolution of the UN Communicate and the development of a four Year Strategic programme Implemented by UN Women, in partnership with UNICEF and the Federal / State Ministries of Women Affairs and Social Development, with funding support by the European Union. 


We travelled to three states that were attacked by violence in the recent past (Gombe, Plateau, and Adamawa) and the capital, Ayuba, to interview stakeholders, authorities, and women involved in the development of the programme to create a narrative that explains the achievements, goals, and challenges of the programme.


Santi Risco

Pedro Ramirez

Milena Flores


Script writing

Full film production & on field filming