Start-up brand design​


Parkiller is Mexico’s leading app in corporate parking solutions and car services. Able to pick up and drop off your car at your office and ensure it’s stored in a guaranteed safe place. They also clean cars, pass vehicle inspections, take them to the workshop and even fill them with gas. All of their services are carried out by certified and trusted staff. 

After the success of Sin Delantal, our co-worker Varis asked us if we could help him design the brand of his latest business venture based in Mexico. Naturally, we jumped at the chance to bring a new concept to life and help Varis cash in once more!

Designed for an urban mobile audience. We created a contemporary and easily recognisable symbol based on the theme of speed, location, trust, and freedom for use on a diverse range of media platforms.


Mariano Sanz
Ignacio Gago


Promotional merchandise

Uniform design


Vehicle design



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