E.commerce, corporate website & client App


Our strategy & UX partner, Multiplica in Mexico, invited us to collaborate on a full UX refurbishment and development of Telcel, the major telecommunications company in Latin America. 


This project consisted of front-end development and design for the customer, business, and corporate areas of the website and App. 


The biggest challenge of a project of this magnitude was the front-end development and responsive design for what is to date one of the biggest companies in the Americas as well as the challenge of designing a portal that could satisfy the final user’s expectations.


We created and built more than 80 responsive templates to be integrated into Adobe CMS. We also developed one of the first custom font icons for a global client with visual and technical implementation guides.


Santi Risco
Mariano Sanz
Ian Wrigglesworth


APP UI Concept & Design
Website UI Concept & Design
Implementation guidelines


Fireworks CS

Illustrator CS

Bootstrap 3


Angular JS