E.commerce, corporate website & client App


Our strategy & UX partner, Multiplica Mexico, invited us to collaborate on a complete UX refurbishment and development of Telcel, a major telecommunications company in Latin America. 

The project consisted of front-end development and design for the website and the customer, business, and corporate areas of the App. 

The front-end development and responsive design were a real challenge on a project of this magnitude. Building more than 80 responsive templates to be integrated into Adobe CMS while meeting the final user’s expectations was a challenge.

We also developed one of the first custom font icons for a global client with visual and technical implementation guides.


Santi Risco
Mariano Sanz
Ian Wrigglesworth


APP UI Concept & Design
Website UI Concept & Design
Implementation guidelines


Fireworks CS

Illustrator CS

Bootstrap 3


Angular JS